The Self-Ordering Kiosk Solution

Retail self-ordering kiosk of the next generation. Benefit from state-of-the-art technologies at the point of sale (POS).

Large QSR generate up to 100% more sales at their kiosks.

Standalone server solutions by Pyramid Computer Self-ordering Kiosk from Pyramid

Self-ordering terminals for QSR

Self-Service Kiosks for Restaurants

The maintenance and service-friendly multifunction kiosk shortens the waiting time at the point of sale and increases sales!


Kiosks increase the customer experience. Fast order processing increases customer satisfaction sustainably.


Design your brand-conform terminal individually and highly flexibly according to your ideas in almost all materials!


The kiosks are easy to use for customers via a 32" touchscreen. On request, various payment systems can also be integrated.

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At kiosk terminals clients order 20% - 100% more then compared to traditional POS systems! Proofen!

To our benefits

Clients and partners about our self-ordering kiosks

Scott Winters AMC

Scott Winters

Vice President - Theatre Systems at AMC Theatre
Pyramid’s polytouch® kiosk has been a real game changer for AMC. With its all-in-one design, placement within our theatres is highly flexible, giving AMC options previously not available.
Christian Mattle TCPOS

Christian Mattle

CEO of TCPOS Dietikon
Guests  easily accept the user-friendly terminal as a practical alternative to the cash register get along well with it.
Robert Blowers Panasonic

Robert Blowers

General Manager of Engineering and Project Management
at Panasonic Computer Product Solutions Europe
As customers quickly change their buying behavior to use multiple shopping channels when purchasing, including traditional stores, mobile devices, online and the growing trend toward self-service, new technology solutions are needed to facilitate this era of omni-channel retailing.
Ordering and payment kiosks for QSR and Hospitality

Success thanks to Self-ordering Kiosks

Companies like McDonalds and Vapiano are increasingly turning to self-ordering solutions. Especially at hotspots such as train stations and airports, time is a decisive factor for customers. You want to order as fast as possible and consume quality food in no time.

The general acceptance of self-service terminals among the general population is growing steadily and ordering a kiosk system is already a popular alternative to the traditional ordering process. The kiosk is an efficient alternative to the point-of-sale terminal where the customer is personally involved in the ordering process of the food.


Need more benefits
self-ordering kiosks from Pyramid

What else to say about  self-ordering kiosks?


Harvard Business Review

After McDonald's had installed self-ordering kiosks in their restaurants, 20% of customers who would otherwise have ordered no drink, were encouraged by the kiosk to an additional drink.

Pyramid Computer
Self-ordered but served at your table

In the restaurants of the future the kiosk will ask you, if you like to order the same menu like last time. Also if you like to pick up your food at the counter or if it shall be delivered at your table.

Retail Wire
About 50% of the Millennials prefer self-ordering

49% of millennials would like to see more self-checkout kiosks available for food ordering and shopping.


Easy serviceability for operators

Maintenance by employees (eg refilling of the printer paper) is easy via an inspection flap.

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Product details

We have the right self-ordering Kiosk for you.

single-sided self-ordering kiosk

Single-sided standard self-ordering kiosk with 32" touchscreen

  • Easy wall mounting or with stand
  • Integrated PC-Box Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7
  • Integrierted Imager, Printer, EFT-Payment
  • One single system
Technical data sheet (PDF) Get in touch
double-sided self-ordering kiosk

Double-sided standard self-ordering kiosk with 32" touchscreen

  • Stable stand for mounting of two kiosks
  • Integrierted PC-Box Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7
  • Integrierted Imager, Printer, EFT-Payment
  • Two separated systems running in one case
Technical data sheet (PDF) Get in touch
Vapiano Kiosk

OEM design (real wood) self-ordering kiosk with 32" touchscreen

  • Stable stand for mounting of two kiosks
  • Integrierted PC-Box Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7
  • Integrierted Imager, Printer, EFT-Payment
  • OEM design in your CI
Technical data sheet (PDF) Get in touch

Examples of self-ordering kiosks

Autogrill Kiosk System

Autogrill Kiosk System

Milano Self-Ordering Kiosk

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Self-ordering kiosk

QSR Self-ordering Kiosk

Self-service kiosk airport

Airport Kiosk Terminals

Self-service kiosk cinema

Cinema Self-service Kiosk

QSR Self-service kiosk

QSR Self-service Kiosks


Increased User Experience (UX)

Mc Donald's is in the process of installing self-ordering kiosks in many of its restaurants worldwide. Mc Donald's calling them "Easy-Order-Terminals". There orders can be placed via touchscreen. Also under the term #McYourOwn the favorite burgers are to be individually designed. How the terminals are to be used, a has beautifully illustrated here. 

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The polytouch Team

Talk about your self-ordering kiosk (idea) about one of those collegues

Martin Hohler
Patrick Hagemeister
Graeme Derby
Stefano Lai
Domenico Mercuri
Hannah Hugel
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